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Plenty of Reasons to Love Compliance Fox

Turn safety and compliance from being a cost into an investment.

A Safer Workforce

See & solve any critical gaps in your workforce’s safety, training and compliance ahead of time - enabling team proactivity and providing you with assurance.

Customer Confidence

A 24/7, audit-ready management system that helps you win new contracts and protect the existing customer relationships that you’ve spent years investing in.

Efficiency Gains

Spreadsheets and paper, be gone! Upgrade to a user-friendly, cloud-based workforce management system that’s designed to grow with their businesses. 

"Compliance Fox has really improved the way we manage worker training and compliance. We've now got a central database of all staff records, that sends us automated reports, and encourages our whole workforce to take responsibility for safety and compliance. Additionally, Compliance Fox has saved us thousands of dollars worth of labour, and reduced workforce risk across our whole operation."

Darren Walsh
National Operations Manager
ARA Fire Protection Services Pty Ltd