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Here you'll find help topics and getting started guides to help you get the most out of your system. Search for something specific in the search field or see below for all of our support topics.

Overview Videos

Using Compliance Fox as a Person or Company

4 minutes - A guide to using Compliance Fox as a Person or Company

Using Compliance Fox as a Manager

10 minutes - A guide to using Compliance Fox as a Manager.

User Types and Important Terms

Understanding User Types

Here we look at the role of the System Administrator, the Manager, the Person and the Company.

Important Terms

An explanation of each of the important terms used in the Compliance Fox system.

Using Compliance Fox

Using the Home Page

How to use the home page and navigate around the system.

Creating a Group

How to create a Group for organising People and Companies.

Creating a Person

How to create a Person and grant them access to your system.

Creating a Company

How to create a Company and grant them access to your system.

Adding People to Groups

How to organise People or Companies into Groups.

Creating a Field

How to create a Field in your database, such as short text, long text, date, option list or file upload.

Creating a Requirement

How to create a Requirement in your database, such as a Policy, Induction or Qualification.

Assigning a Field or Requirement

How to assign a Field or Requirement to a Person, Company or Group.

Adding a New Record

How to store a new Record against a Field or Requirement.

Approving a Pending Record

How to view, approve or reject a pending record added by a Person or Company.

Creating a Manager

How to grant manager permissions to a person, allowing them to view and manage other people.

Update Login Details for a User

How to update the email address, username or password for a Person or Company.

Sending an SMS or Email

How to send an SMS or Email to one or more People or Companies.


Connecting Compliance Fox to Microsoft Active Directory

How to connect Compliance Fox to your Microsoft Azure Active Directory, enabling 'Sign-in with Microsoft'.

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